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If your child is not getting the marks they want in science class. Whether it is biology, chemistry or physics, then you are in the right place. Science tutoring can help marks and foundational skills improve drastically. No matter what goals your child has, we have the resources and experience to ensure that they get there — and fast!

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Chemistry is one that many students find challenging. Our chemistry tutors provide help with topics such as chemical properties, chemical bonds, chemical reactions, gases and atmospheric chemistry.

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Students should expect to study human biology, evolution, genetics, animals, plants, microbiology and more. In order to succeed, memorisation and an in-depth understanding are integral.

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The study of physics is the study of the physical world around us. High school physics courses focus on topics such as kinematics, energy and momentum, magnetic fields and many more.


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The prized finish line for many high school science students. The path to becoming a doctor starts with great marks in science class.

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Engineering is the marriage of math and science. Some types of engineers specialize within different scientific topics such as chemistry and physics.

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Marine Biologist

Marine biologists study a variety of organisms and ecosystems in the ocean and other saltwater environments.


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We pride ourselves on providing affordable & quality tutoring. We provide the same quality tutor as you will find with other companies whom charge $50-80/hr for $30-40/hr.

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Matt has been so helpful in teaching me the rules of mathematical equations . As I'm in university and have been out of school for over a decade i really need the refreshers. They are always there when i need them making the time accordingly. Thanks No Fuss Tutors!

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   Holds a Bachelor's in Medical Physics.

   I find joy in guiding a struggling student to reach their full potential.

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   Holds a Bachelor's of Education.

   I've been teaching for 13 years and have loved every second of it!

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   Majoring in English Literature.

   I like to build habits in my students, ensuring they stay on top of their work!

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